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My name is Dasha Brotherton, and I'm currently a senior at UT Austin, studying rhetoric and writing. Part of my studies also took place at the University of Oxford in England. I find life to be abundantly fuller through the art of story and words. As a rhetorician, I seek to retell, persuade, and share. You might find that many of my posts are complemented by videos, photos, or other forms of digital media. All footage and film is my own unless otherwise cited. 

Over the years, I've realized that people tend to take life for granted, both its harmonious pockets of beauty as well as its times of darkness. Writing is the way I retune myself with the rest of the world, soaking it all in and then reflecting. This site is simply an outlet I use to record life's nuances.




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Next in Life

With my passion for writing, I plan to attend law school and pursue a career where I can help others through legal and digital rhetoric.

I realized I had a passion for concise legal writing when I began writing for the Texas Undergraduate Law Review. In law school, I have plans to write for a variety of law journals as well as the main law review. 

"Too live forever" is a quote by Bunny Corcoran in my favorite novel, The Secret History

"Life is only interesting if life is wide" is a quote by Lucien Carr in one of my favorite films, Kill Your Darlings

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